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Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Maiden

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Napoleon Bonaparte

“What would you even do without me?”

Her real name is Julia.

She is one of the "Ordained," destined for greatness by the gods. She goes by the name of "Napoleon."
Using her powerful ability known as "Apocalypse," she is able to call forth her forces, spawn cannons, and much more.
She has a strong sense of honor and justice. She finds it difficult to open up to Shoichi.

Ludwig van Beethoven


"I will never forgive you, swine."

A girl imprisoned for attempting to assassinate Napoleon.
It is unclear whether she is an Ordained.

Charles-Henri Sanson

Charles-Henri Sanson

"A painless death for these miserable sinners."

A girl who bears the name "Sanson," Executioner of Paris.

Sanson came from a family of doctors and is known for inventing the guillotine.
She presided over the execution of many famous people, including Marie Antoinette.

Marie Antoinette

Shoichi Sakikawa

“Just like that and I'm in another world? I don't know about this...”

A normal, second-year high school student.
He was in an accident and when he woke up, found himself in an alternate France.

He now works together with Napoleon, who saved him.
He's an earnest, caring young man.


Joachim Murat

"Oh no! You two, don't start arguing again!"

Her real name is Marie Antoinette.

She's Napoleon's secretary, and a woman known as "Murat".

She's helping Napoleon, who's really clumsy.



“Are you... giving me something sweet?”

A girl who, for some reason, is under the protection of Napoleon.

Napoleon believes she is an Ordained, but whether this is true remains to be seen.
She is absentminded and elusive.
Occasionally, she says things that are cryptic.


Horatio Nelson

"Hahaha, Long Live His Majesty the King! Trample on Paris, the capital!"

Her real name is Sarah.

As Napoleon's longstanding enemy, she's a young girl who's known as "Nelson", after the British admiral Horatio Nelson.
She's naive and innocent, but her personality's extremely vicious, and she's repeatedly caused crises in France.

Charlotte Corday

Riku Kubota

"Did you prepare for today's quiz?"

Shoichi Sakikawa's friend.

Doki Doki! Pretty Girl Napoleon!
 Character sprites are made using the
E-mote animation system.
When they breathe, wink, or speak, it all looks very realistic.
Moreover, 2 theme songs sung by Haruka Shimotsuki and Akira Ouse are included!
Each character's lines are fully dubbed in Japanese. 

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